Do all the things!
do all the things - hyperbole and a half
Hyperbole and a Half

There’s lots to do at DHSI and also in the surrounding area. Downtown Victoria is wonderful, great restaurants and nice people. A couple of favorite places were Canoe (a brewpub on the water) and Sen Zushi (a traditional Japanese restaurant). Check out Cara Leitch’s (@cmleitch) post on things to do in Victoria as well.

Don’t overdo it!
don't get crazy eye - the life aquatic
“Steve, they say you’ve got crazy-eye!” The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

With tip #1 in mind, don’t overdo it — don’t get “crazy-eye”! With DHSI classes, meetups, unconferences, presentations, show and tells, lectures, and receptions, having a full day is pretty easy to do. Make sure to take a break now and then, maybe a stroll through the Finnerty Gardens on the UVic campus, or even a quick nap.

Don’t forget your towel.
uvic dorm linens
UVic dorm linens.

If you’re staying in the dorms on campus, and really just for life in general, always remember to bring a towel. The dorm towels are pretty thin and tiny, so you’ll need a nice cozy towel for the shower. You might need a beach towel also if you’re heading to the water, or just laying around in the grass area in the center of campus.

Any DHSI’er who can hitch the length and breadth of the galaxy, rough it, slum it, struggle against terrible odds, win through, and still knows where their towel is, is clearly a person to be reckoned with. (modified from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. And don’t forget to celebrate Towel Day on May 25th!)

You might be off the grid.
temporary cell tower at UVic
Temporary cell tower at UVic.

If you’re traveling without a special data plan for your smartphone, make sure to turn off roaming and rely on WiFi instead. Cellular coverage can be a little spotty on campus, and WiFi seems to work best indoors. Down at the Smuggler’s Cove Pub it can be tough to get a signal too. WiFi passwords are handed out to DHSI’ers and people staying in the dorms will receive access as well. In the dorms WiFi coverage can be spotty. I brought an Apple Airport Express (and an ethernet cable) for my dorm room and that worked out wonderfully.

Are you listening to me?
Kylie the opossum, zoned out with "swirly eyes." Fantastic Mr. Fox
Kylie the opossum, zoned out with “swirly eyes.” Fantastic Mr. Fox
If you see anyone with “swirly eyes,” don’t panic. They probably just need coffee, or tea, or maybe a beer (I especially enjoyed Hoyne Pilsner and “Dark Matter”, a local Victoria brewery).
“Are you listening to me? I look into your eyes and I can’t tell whether you’re getting anything I’m saying.” (The Fantastic Mr. Fox)
coffee sleeves
Knitted, monster coffee sleeves at Willows Galley Fish and Chips in Victoria.

There are quite a few places to get coffee on the UVic campus, but the opening and closing times can be hard to follow. For the early-risers, Bean There in the SUB (Student Union Building) opens at 6:30am. My favorite coffee/espresso on campus was at the Munchie Bar, also in the SUB but open at 8am with different hours on the weekend.